Shelly Badal


mild strawberries, 2022

A creme themed av translation  of a short story for  Tele- Magazine. 

“Tele- issues are formed from a semi-collaborative process, in which each contributor creates a work individually in response to the work of another tele- contributor, attempting to carry the piece over through a different medium.”.

Reredos, 2021

1080p digital video on mp4 player
10 min 06 sec
4.2 x 2.6 x 0.4 inches

View Reredos Here.
This film and traveling altar was commisioned by artist-run project, GESTURES. 

Parcel Contents:
Video player, handwritten instructions & personal note, copal resin cone, vintage matchbox, dried rose petals & lavender, ceramic koala figurine, charger, headphones

ד -Trancemission One, 2020

Music by Delta Rain Dance 

Pink Tara, 2020
Music by Tommaso Cappellato