Shelly Badal


Linear Sympathy 

Producer / Scenographer
Directed by  Katherine Helen Fisher

A  deconstructed dance film shot in front of a live audience. The made-for-camera experience blurs the line between screen, dance, and performance.

 “An interdisciplinary crew--steadicam operator, photographer, lighting designer, and musicians--craft the vision of a live mic-ed director. Two projectors cast captures of every lens in real time: the cinematic reality of the roving Steadicam, as well as the pulsating, effervescent still images. The performance, as it were, is bookended by rave-informed musical experiences that push the audience and designers ever further towards a singular wavelength of movement.”

Navel Nonstop 
Production & Installations
A 12 hour farewell party with live performances & DJ’s from Navel’s 10 years of operation. 

Casa De Armas
Fabrication & Install